About us

Schmidt Management is a dynamic operational and advisory enterprise. Our mission is to support and guide our customers with international business development in various countries, i.e. Germany, Austria and Switzerland, Scandinavia, Poland and Ukraine. We are connecting your business to the market and technology resources you need.
Establishing a company in another country can lead to high costs and unnecessary delays. We can help you get off to timely, smooth running start with optimal price/performance effects.
Our staff is a multi-talented team of business development professionals with special interests focused on Internet Communications Technology (ICT), IT Outsourcing, IoT, App development (UA) / Software, Clean-tech, and surface Coating. Our mission is to support and guide companies in international expansions into the mentioned region. With our excellent contact network, business knowledge and language skills, we can serve as a preferred business partner.

Our Business Center key functional attributes:

  • Assisting with preliminary strategic business decision issues
  • Establishing the business unit and adherence to public requirements
  • Business start-up and networking
  • Interim management
  • Reporting
  • Back office support & soft landing support

Depending on your company’s scope and needs, we can provide you comprehensive support services. For instance, represent your company with a full array of initial office services until the company is ready to establish an official venture. We adapt our products and services to meet our Customer’s needs and only support ventures where we are certain “to make the difference” that can lead to success.
We work in close corporation with several organizations in a variety of countries and can deliver timely information on relevant subjects.
Pricewise we are competitive, and we continually seek win/win situations for our Customers. Working with full confidentiality, we can assure a discretion.
If your Company is planning or is already implementing expansion to a new market, Schmidt Management introduces consultants that are active in various European countries. They assist companies in the local activities of market entry.